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Like what you hear? Do you want your songs to sound like any of these?


A great mix can mean the difference between "that was pretty cool" and "Whoa. Run that song back from the top!" Send me your tracks and get a mix that not only captures your artistic vision but will keep your listeners coming back for more! 

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Do you want the world to hear your music the way you hear it in your head?

I can help you make that happen!

"I like music that isn't content to simply rest in the well-worn grooves of the past - music that defies definitions and expectations."

Whether it's Indie, Alternative, Post-punk, Trip-hop, or something else entirely, a cookie-cutter approach isn't going to properly showcase your art. My priority is always to make your records sound as good or better than you imagined, and, with more than two decades of experience, I have the skills to do exactly that. I've worked extensively in the studio with artists like Death Cab for Cutie, At the Drive-In, Biffy Clyro, Of Monsters and Men, and Muse. I honed my craft working with some of the most talented producers and engineers in alternative rock, and on numerous chart-topping and award-winning albums. I want to use all of that experience, knowledge, and skill to make your project sound its absolute best!

Reach out to me today to discuss how together we can make the record you envision into a reality:

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Contact me - I'm all ears!

Thanks for reaching out!

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